Everything About The Largest Online Illegal Betting Raid In Modern Turkey’s History

Only recently Turkish Police issued arrest warrants for 394 people in a mass operation carried out across the Turkish Country. This arrest was against illegal online betting and gambling sites operating under fraudulent names. Istanbul security directorate’s Cybercrime division launched a raid on 40 provinces in Turkey for violating the law on online betting and gambling. While many sites are available for betting online there are supposed to follow rules and regulations of the country in which they operate and every country has its own laws for online gambling forums.

394 suspects were out of which 207 were of Istanbul alone and around 5000 officers took part in the raid to catch the suspects for violating laws. An investigation done by authorities found that 72 companies were just a front established in the cosmetics, food and logistics sector to hide the illegal betting activities related to sports mainly football events. When financial analyses were done it was found out that 2.1452 billion Turkish Liras was trafficked and affiliated in the illegal business.

Is online betting safe?

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