Have You Heard About Those 5 Trolls Of Online Gaming Who Got Punished And That Too In Really Satisfying Ways?

Online games are now streaming across various devices and on different platforms. Players often get too attached to the games that they lose their minds. And moreover, when some kind of dispute occurs between the gamer and the gaming company, it takes a very hilarious turn.

Some have come up to be called as ‘trolls’ and there have been punishments for them too. Below are mentioned those 5 trolls

1) Guild wars 2 troll

A troll of Guild wars 2 was causing troubles to many afflicted users and went on for days. The player was J T Dark side. The misdeeds were posted online to show everyone. He was made to strip naked in the town square too. Afterward, a video came out showing him stripping and later jumping for his death. The last video uploaded showed that a user deleted J T Dark side’s all of the characters.

2) Twitch troll

Donation trolls are the best in Twitch. It allows seeing the streamer’s reaction while a benefactor has made a donation. Once, $50,000 was trolled in fake donations but the plan did backfire. The user who made these donations was iNexus_Ninja and to his worry, his donation was canceled but never returned and his parents had to manage the bill.

3) Over watch

Jeff Kaplan, the director of the game tend to look at the fans’ profiles and troll them. He in a way is doing good with slamming bad people but he still apologized for it.

4) MMO troll

In MMO, the game master Rhotaaz found a very fun way to eliminate cheaters. One of the players Kimochi was asked to submit a 501 words essay for his detailing of the backstory of his avatar.

5) GTA V

Aaron Reynolds knew that each time a vehicle is damaged 1% of the total car value is applied. He increased his value of the car and targeted a troll who was demolishing player cars. He made $1 million out of it.

Damn! These trolls are definitely a good source for entertainment. It happens even if you have always looked out to 먹튀검증업체.