Software Features For Rental Management Software: Essential For Your Company?

The rental management software covers all aspects of a real estate company in a systematic way, including financial aspects, CRM and reporting functionality. It allows rental companies to obtain all their business analyzes from a single system. Having good rental management software is essential to increase the reserves of your accommodations. Now it is the time to get the app reviews for Tokeet rental management software so that you can manage your rents professionally, with a wide range of utilities such as availability management, receipts and collections management, clients, commercials, advertising campaigns, billing, automatic export to the internet.

Channel Manager:

It automatically synchronizes the availability calendar between the different portals that are responsible for managing the rental of the properties. Clearly view all the reservations of the various portals in a clear list, as well as look for particular reservation or recently added element too.

Availability calendar and booking tool:

You can use the booking engine where any guest can easily book and at the same time you will have access to your own calendar of availability on the website itself. In this way you can show your tenants at what periods of time you can reserve your accommodations.


An easier communication, since it allows automatically sending information about reservations, confirmations, arrival or departure day. TPV charges management define the pending charges to the tenant and offers different forms of payment.

Conclusion: modern technology

The technological career of tourism is advancing at a dizzying speed. There are more and more proposals for rental management software that are born in the market in recent times. The trend of the sector is positive and will compete for excellent management. In this sense, technology will play a fundamental role in helping property managers to meet this objective.